Garifuna Settlement Day Celebration

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The Garifuna Culture has grown in Belize and their contributions to the development of the country is significant.  In celebration of “Garifuna Settlement Day” we join together with the Garifuna Council to organize a full day of cultural activities at Builders Hardware compound. Staff members are dressed in the yellow, black and white Garifuna flag colors and  Schools in the surrounding community are invited to visit us and take part in cultural activities throughout the day. The students and residence of Belmopan can enjoy LIVE music and watch the rhythmic drummers and dancers put on a cultural show for the crowd. We have the legendary Mr. Paul Nabor who is a world renown paranda musician. He is in his 90′s and entertains the crowd regardless of his age, he is still active and lively on the  stage singing and playing his guitar and soulful paranda music. In addition to all the excitement from the cultural performances and the giveaway from Builders Hardware, you can also get a taste of the traditional Garifuna cuisine. The ladies from the Garifuna Council do their part by serving delicious hot Hoodut, Darasa, Boil Up, casava pudding and last but not least their typical hot delicious Sahau.

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